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The songs on this E.P. were born from a period of great turmoil in my life. My childhood home was foreclosed, a long-term relationship ended, two pets died, old friendships dissolved, I lost two new homes, I fell in love with a new person, I changed careers and moved to a new city. It's been pretty wild.

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released October 22, 2013

I did everything.




EGRETS Maryland

the little r is silent.

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Track Name: Building Houses
I can't have it, I can't wash it away.
I'm an animal, I was reminded today.
I've got a blackness, I hold it loosely in place.
I lose the will to restrain and my blackness quick overtakes.

A bad habit- push it and bend 'til it breaks.
A bad attitude, I'm grasping, I can't shake it.
I'm sad-sackin'. I'll force a distance between.

A bad habit - I'll force a distance between,
an empty space for the hot air that's leaking out through my seams.
It fills up rapid w/ a fog so thick you can't breathe.
I'll watch you choke as I digest the venom of my spleen.

My strange sadness, it knows its voice will be heard.
It drowns my own amid the echoes of my fumbling words.
The ME I'm lacking points out what I haven't found -
I've spent my life building these houses just to tear 'em back down.
Track Name: Collie
Simple stone, sleep.
Settle on me.
Rustle, fall leaves,
and settle on me.

He's shaking when he breathes,
Painful eyes that plead.
He howls his desperate need to me.
He's chattering his teeth.
He gasps and paws my feet.
He's fighting something he can't see.

He tries but fails to stand to leave

and stumbles on his own feet,
settles in a heap.
I stutter "why can't he please
just settle into sleep?"
Track Name: Colors
Steady streamin' past the window
they stay outside.
Steady streamin' past my shadow
I stay inside.

Greeen from the weight of my solitary state,
I sink into myself towards a solitary fate.
Yellow from the fear of the others so near,
staring blank at fickle feet that, skittish, walk away from me.

(Fall into a black hole. Sink into your sad soul. Cower in a cold fright. Waste away your sad life.)
Track Name: Home Alone
Matter changes state,
evaporates and dissipates.
I'm still here, just not the same.

Brittle bones will break,
and fragile friends will fade.
What's left is a future we've made.

Sleeping or awake
I talk just the same.
Somehow words will escape.

Surface tension breaks
and frustration fades.
What's left is no reason to stay.

Home sweet home = the past; there's something that I lack.

Sleeping or awake
it feels just the same -
like I'll drown in dead space.

Brittle shell will break
and laughter will fade.
What's left is the egg on my face.

Home sweet home = this fence, where I'll sit and sulk and wince.

Matter changes state,
evaporates and dissipates.
I'm still here, just not the same.
Track Name: Perch
Leapfrogging from moment to moment, I found myself
at each new perch proclaiming "Here is truth! Banish all else!"

Centuries I stood correcting. Oh, how I shouted!
No calm explaining was too right to be drowned out.

Multitudes I stood correcting, with the echoed sound
of my own name refraining concrete proofs and abolishing doubt.

Now I know some things are all right. Now I know some things-

Now I know what I don't know.