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This album is soon to be available on cassette tape. That particular medium was chosen to emphasize the distinction between the two halves of the album, and because I don't have enough money for a vinyl pressing. Digital download from bandcamp includes a cover song and segues as bonus tracks, making it pretty similar to a physical cassette tape copy (however the foldout w/ lyrics + liner notes is only available IRL.) Click each song's title if you want to know what I was thinking about when I made these.


released June 22, 2015




EGRETS Maryland

the little r is silent.

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Track Name: Gettin' There
I woke feeling dumbfounded, frantically plumbing the depths of my memory. I know it's fruitless b/c that's not where dreams live, and a sense of abandonment strikes me deeply/centrally.
Track Name: A Place in the Woods
I steeled myself and stole away,
w/ my secret safe and my tongue shy.
A meekness kept my thoughts at bay
beneath silent, smiling night skies.

I steeled myself and stole away
w/ my secret joy held inside.
When I upon the clearing came,
eager fruits were realized:

I left myself that happy night.
Track Name: Soft
W/ my feeble thoughts fleeting
and hot through my veins coursing,
w/ my weakened chest heaving
and my frail flesh convulsing,

a soft Ghost radiating,
and I know I'm nothing.

The light softly splaying,
soft sweetness revealing.
The gentlest swaying,
wild tempests concealing.

W/ my feeble heart beating,
I'm drowning in feeling.
Track Name: Don't
If I could keep this inside myself, you know I would; I want the same things as everyone. I'm standing beside myself, I did all I could but it just didn't add up. I tried to keep it inside myself like I know I should- I won't let my weight hang on anyone. I tried to deny myself, to deny where I stood, but it just didn't add up. Please don't hate me for admitting defeat. I've been walkin' w/ a weight, breathin' heavy w/ a secret to keep. If I could keep it inside myself you know I would, I won't let my weight hang on anyone.