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A couple of songs recorded a long time ago on my friend Steve's piano. Then of course I got to 'em with my computer, drum machine, noise-making toys and whatnot.


released October 26, 2016




EGRETS Maryland

the little r is silent.

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Track Name: Jay
Shrill, the plaintive call persistent
Of a Jay-Bird in the distance
Interrupted the insistent
Ringing in my ears this morn.

The birdsong bore a right resemblance
To the chimes internal - endless
Bell notes that have struck me senseless
Since my senses first took form.

The simile my thoughts arrested,
Memories/perceptions tested;
Which outside, and which bird nested
Not but where my thoughts were born?

Lonely in my questions stewing,
(Tact and reason fast eschewing)
Upwards shot I, loudly spewing
Bile and bird-call laced with scorn!

"So what say thee, Jay?! What Say thee?!
Speak me words, o bird! Speak them vile or speak them saintly!"

...but only silence to repay me.
I shrank in shame, my chimes remaining.

Horrid dreams in my skull drilling,
Dark suspicions my heart filling.
If that fowl could answer willing
what expression might be worn?

Smile or grimace glimpsed reflecting?
Long dead fears seen resurrecting.
Which outcry was I expecting -
Pain or bliss from my breast torn?

"What hell, these bells? They plague me!
Answer now, please fowl! Say me soothe, end my waiting!"

...a meek reply the Jay, now shy,
sent drifting down to my dull ears:
"These thoughts you sigh were never mine;
I cannot own your misplaced fears.

You only hear your anxious plans
and refuse to know the Bird I am."